Battery replacement with the 396 and other sensitometers

What are the battery replacement recommendations for the 396 and earlier
Sensitometers?Battery Replacement with X-Rite Sensitometers

X-Rite sensitometers (Model 396 and others) may not perform properly if a carbon zinc battery rather than an alkaline battery is used when battery replacement is required. Carbon zinc batteries have approximately 1/3 the capacity of an alkaline battery and it is likely they cannot sustain the voltage required to fire the lamp. It has been found that when carbon zinc batteries are used in engineering reference instruments even though the battery measured over 9.4V, the instrument did not function. An alkaline battery that measured a lower 9.1V operated the reference instrument correctly. 

A review of the operator’s manual concerning the section on battery replacement indicates that alkaline batteries are to be used. If your X-Rite sensitometer is not operating properly, verify a new alkaline battery is installed as one of the very first steps in troubleshooting the instrument.

X-Rite Service Department tests have shown that Energizer brand 9V alkaline batteries seem to work best for the Model 396 sensitometer.  If a new 9V battery of another make fails to properly power the 396, try an Energizer 9V alkaline before contacting X-Rite Customer Success.

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