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X-Color QC v2.1.1 Jobs (MA98) Q&A

X-Color QC v2.1.1 Jobs (MA98) Q&A



How many Jobs can I store on the instrument? Multiple Jobs can be stored on the MA98, but how many is determined by the size of the individual Jobs
How many Standards can I store in a Job? There is a limit of 1000 Standards on the instrument
How many measurement points can I include in a workflow? The number of measurement points multiplied by the number of tags [global or
individual] for each measurement point plus the number of measurement points
themselves must be 64 or less
Can I use any Tag in a Job? No, only predefined tags are allowed in a Job
What could cause problems when downloading a Job to an instrument? Job Names or Standard Names that contain non‐standard characters [for example: ü]
How can I make setting up a Job easier? There is a new function in Version 2.1.1 which allows to copy and paste measurement locations
Can I define a measurement point in a Job to be valid for button or pressure sensor measurement? Yes
Can a measurement point be set to more than 5 measurements for averaging? No, this is not supported in the MA98 firmware
Can I copy Jobs? No, Jobs cannot be copied within the database and if an existing Jobs is saved to a new name, the old name is removed
Can I exchange Jobs with a customer? No, not currently but this feature is planned for a future version.
Can I have a variable parameter which allows me to assign Job data to a specific lot number? Yes, when uploading the measurement results the program will ask for the Batch ID and the name will automatically be assigned: Batch ID‐description of the job‐element
Do I need to set the number of illumination angles during the Job operation?

No, this is automatically decided by the setup of the Standard:
• If the standard has measurement data for 5 Angles – 1 illuminator
• If the standard has measurement data for 10 angles ‐ 1 illuminator
• If the standard has measurement data for 19 angles ‐ 2 illuminator

What do I have to do to work with the same Standard 1)in tethered mode with 19
angels and 2)on the instrument with 10 angles?
Currently the standard will have to be stored twice, once with the 10 and once with 19 angles.
What is the easiest way to collect new samples in the field? Prepare a Job with a dummy standard and [in the field] select this Job, if a new samples are measured, they can be uploaded to XCQC and will be stored against the standard “dummy” and can be saved as a standard from there

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