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Windows 7/Vista Device Driver Install for OPTIXxr - 32 BIT Sysytems ONLY

EZcolor2.6.5 is supported on Windows Vista x32 and Windows 7 x32 but there are times when the OPTIXxr colorimeter will not connect to the program. The problem is that the proper device driver has not been installed. If a Vista/Windows 7 user has installed EZcolor2.6.5 and the program doesn't recognize that the OPTIXxr colorimeter (a.k.a.: DTP94) is connected, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install ToolCrib5.0.14 to the default location. The download is available at:
  2. Close all programs and then open Device Manager in Control Panel.
  3. Locate "X-Rite DTP94" in the list of devices. It might be listed in "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" as "DTP94" or as "Unknown Device". Unplugging and reconnecting the DTP94 while viewing Device Manager will normally allow the user to identify how the device is labeled in Device Manager.
  4. With the colorimeter connected, right-click on the "DTP94" or "Unknown Device" (may have a yellow question mark or exclamation point) and then select "Update Driver Software...".
  5. Choose "Browse my computer for driver software", make sure that the "Include subfolders" is checked, and then enter the following location to search: C:\Program Files\X-Rite\Tools\ToolCrib\USB Driver and then select "Next" to install the driver. Alternately, the user can click on "Browse" and then navigate to the "USB Driver" at the aforementioned path in the "Browse for Folder" window. Once again, choose "Next" to install the driver.
  6. Select "Close" in the window that states that the driver software has successfully installed. Close the Device Manager and System windows.
  7. Open EZcolor2.6.5 and test. The OPTIXxr colorimeter should now be recognized by the program. If it still will not connect, contact X-Rite Technical Support.

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