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What does Diffraction Grating mean?

There are various technical methods for a spectrophotometer to see and analyze light. What is meant by the term "Diffraction Grating" and what X-Rite devices use this method?Light that reflects from a sample into the pickup optics (measurement optics) is a mixture of various wavelengths. Before spectral reflectance is measured, this light is divided into its individual spectral components. Mixed light that passes through the diffraction grating is transmitted as a spectrum (as if it had passed through a prism).

Among currently sold spectrophotometers, the i1Pro and the i1 iSis and iSisXL use this color measurement technology.

The SpectroEye, Spectrolino, and iCColor, (no longer produced) also use this color measurement technology.

Diffraction Grating is also referred to by the term "monochromator".

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