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Tweaking the Registry (PC) to Accept Non-Linear Scans

EZcolor will occasionally balk when attempting to create a printer profile.  The following error message is displayed:

While cropping or other layout errors may be the cause, it is also possible that the image itself is not of suitable quality for MonacoEZcolor to render an accurate profile.  This can be the case if the scanner's resolution is poor or if the light to dark linearity is not accurate. Review the help file and the software setup suggestions to ensure that a step was not missed. As a last resort, and if the customer is comfortable editing the system registry, it is possible to disable some of the internal checks allowing the software to bypass the above message.  Note however that the message indicates a poor quality scan - - performing the Workaround may not yield a profile that lives up to expectations.  To proceed:

  1. Locate and open the "scannerdata.rtf" file (in MonacoEZcolor \ Preferences folder)

  1. Make note of the "Neutral Bumps" value.

  2. Close the "scannerdata.rtf" file and open the Registry Editor"

  3. Locate the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Monacosys\MonacoEZcolor 2.5\ScanLimits

  1. With the key opened note the value of "NEUTRALRAMPBUMPS"

  1. Edit this value to be slightly higher than the value noted in the "scannerdata.rtf" file.

  2. Close the Registry Editor and restart MonacoEZcolor.

If grayscale non-linearity is the root cause of the failing profile, the above actions will allow EZcolor to continue with its calculations.  Again note however, editing the "rules" may deliver a profile that is not up to customer expectations.

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