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Transmission Reference File "greyed out" in Selection Window

Q: I need help loading transmission reference files in MonacoEZcolor v2.6. I am trying to calibrate my 35mm slide scanner. I purchased a 35mm IT8 target slide and associated reference files from Wolf Faust of in Germany.  The EZcolor program sees the files, but they are "grayed-out" as if they were in the wrong format.

A: The issue you are describing is MacOS specific. The Macintosh file system uses extra data called "File and Creator Types" to identify the contents of a file and what application should open it. I suspect your reference file does not have the necessary 'TEXT' creator type. If you open and 'save as...' this file with another Mac-savvy application like BBEdit, TextWrangler, Word or Excel, it should add the File Type and solve your problem. An alternate solution would be to use a resource editor like ResEdit or Resourcer to manually change the File Type code.

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