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Touch Pad on the CE7000A

Understanding the touch pad interface for the ColorEye 7000AWhile it is possible to access most instrument options directly from X-Rite’s software programs, the Color-Eye 7000A also provides a touch sensitive LCD display (touch pad) that can also be used to access or change instrument status directly, without changing or leaving your program. The reasons for changing any instrument status is the same whether the software or the manual method is used. The information accessible through the touch pad includes: 

Calibration Status - The instrument can be calibrated in either reflectance or transmission mode.

Lens Status - There are four different sized areas of view that the instrument can measure, depending on the sample size.

Aperture Status - There is an aperture status for each of the lens configurations. Both the lens and aperture selections should be the same. 

UV Adjustments - The UV adjustment feature allows the user to set up to three custom different sphere illumination conditions.
The placement of a UV cutoff filter in the illumination path allows the user to eliminate the UV, adjust for specific amounts of UV or include the full spectral distribution of the light source. This is helpful in the evaluation of optical brighteners or fluorescent colorants.

Specular Component Status - The sphere geometry can be set to include or exclude the sample’s specular component.

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