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Setting up NetProfiler to use with X-RiteColor Master

Installing the NetProfiler Software

To install the NetProfiler Software first choose an installation scenario that describes your installation environment:
• Install the software using NetProfiler installation CD-ROM. Follow the messages presented on the installation screens.
• Download the software from the NetProfiler website to each instrument computer at your location.
• Download the software from the NetProfiler website one time to a CD-ROM. This enables you to quickly install the software onto multiple computers at your location using your CD-ROM, rather than downloading the software onto to each computer at the site, which may be time consuming.

Downloading the Supplemental Drivers from the X-Rite Website

1. Go to the following link using Internet Explorer:

2. You will be presented with the following page:

3. Install the driver for your instrument by clicking on its name within the NetProfiler Page.
4. You may run the setup program or save it to a CD-ROM and then run it from the disk. It is highly recommended that you save it to a CD-ROM. This will provide you an easy and quick method of installing the driver on multiple computers. If you choose this method, run the installer program from the folder where you saved it.
5. The new driver will now appear in the list of selectable instruments within the NetProfiler client. Select the appropriate instrument to begin the profiling process.

Important! Your instrument must be registered with the NetProfiler server prior to beginning profiling. Please use the form provided to register your instrument, by serial number, with X-Rite.

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