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Sample Preparation and Presentation

 Samples can include color cards, wallpapers, rugs, fabrics, and other miscellaneous objects. For best results, samples should be opaque (no light showing through the sample). If samples are not opaque, you should back the sample with the clean, white backing or a similar Color Chip.The most critical part of color formulation depends on the sample quality and preparation. Formulations are directly related to the quality of the sample.

Hints for ensuring quality samples and measurements follow:


When measuring a small spot of color on wallpaper samples, find desired area of color before holding it up to the spectrophotometer port. The color that you want to measure should be the only color presented to the spectrophotometer port. If other colors are at the port, they may darken or lighten the measurement and the formulation may need to be adjusted. Layer the sample several times so that no light shows through the sample.


If the fabric is made of a loose weave, fold the fabric into several layers before placing it on the sample port. This increases the concentration of color and decreases the transparency of the sample.


Verify that the paint sample is opaque (no light showing through) before measuring the sample. white unlined 3x5 card is recommended when preparing a sample from a can of paint. Never Measure Wet Samples!


When measuring carpeting, hold it lightly against the port. Pushing it against the port can cause inaccurate formulations. Note: Due to the carpet pile/texture, matches may be too dark. To avoid a mismatch dispense a quarter of the formula at first (ex. dispense a quart formula into a gallon of base). This will give you a formulation 75% lighter and enables you to darken the paint mix in increments, a quarter at a time.


Wash the sample before measuring it. Average your measurements on several locations of the sample. This will yield a better match.

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