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Resetting Your 939, 962, or 964 Instrument

On occasion an instrument may act strangely. Should this occur it is possible to reset the microprocessor. This will generally eliminate the problem. An instrument reset will restore all factory default settings. It will be necessary to perform a calibration after the unit is restored to operation. To perform a factory reset proceed as follows:
  1. Open the instrument shoe (read switch must NOT be closed).

  2. Remove the AC adapter (if attached).

  3. Press the power switch turning the instrument off.

  4. Simultaneously press and hold the 'X' key and the 'DOWN ARROW' key.

  5. While holding the 'EXIT' and 'DOWN ARROW' keys, press the power switch a second time.

  6. In approximately 10 seconds the instrument will display the following message:

    Factory Default
    Settings have
    Been restored OK
  7. Press the 'ENTER' key to return to normal operation.

  8. Finish by performing a full calibration (see Related Support).

A number of parameters are potentially modified within the reset process.  See Related Support for an article on Instrument Settings after a factory reset.

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