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Reinstalling your VipFlex USB Device

The Windows "plug and play" feature is not always successful. The root cause of most USB issues is that the customer plugs the hardware into the computer BEFORE installing all required supporting software. When this is done, the "Found New Hardware" wizard launches but is not able to complete the installation. Either the customer cancels or the wizard aborts leaving the task incomplete.

The steps below detail the removal of a partially installed device followed by the additional steps required to perform a fresh installation. Before you begin, ensure that you have your hardware or software installation disk at hand.

1. Close all applications. Leave the USB hardware attached and turned on.

2. Right-click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop then from the dialog box, left-click on "Properties".

3. Left-click on the "Hardware" tab and then on "Device Manager".

4. Scroll to the bottom of the list and expand the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" entry.

5. Look for an X-Rite entry. Chances are it is present but with a yellow warning icon indicating a problem with the installation.

6. Right-click on that entry and select "Uninstall".

7. After the un-install is completed, disconnect the hardware from the PC.

8. Wait about 15 seconds then re-attach the instrument.

9. The "Found New Hardware" wizard should launch.

10. Follow its prompts. If it asks for the product CD then insert your installation disk and continue.In the majority of cases, the above steps will resolve the USB installation.

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