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Printer Profiling Error - "i1Pro not found"

Customers can begin the printer profiling procedure and even print the testchart in i1Profiler when using an i1Display Pro, but will receive an "i1Pro not found" error when they reach the "Measurement" step.The i1Display Pro cannot create printer profiles.  It can only create display and projector profiles.  The i1Display Pro is an emissive colorimeter that can only read emitted light/color.  It cannot read a printed target.  When the printer profiling workflow reaches the "Measurement" tab, it will look for a supported printer profiling measurement device: i1Pro, i1/iO, or i1iSis. If none of these supported printer profiling devices are connected, the user will receive the "i1Pro not found" error in the "Measurement" step.  If printer profiling is desired, the i1Photo Pro or the i1Publish Pro would be a great choice.

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