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NetProfiler Set Up Options

In the command line at the top of the NetProfiler software main screen, is a command called "Set Up." Under the "Set Up" command are several options that should be confirmed by the user. The following are discriptions of these "Set Up" options.

1) Set up/Internet connection- Ensure the Server Address is entered correctly ( Do not have Caps Lock active on your keyboard.

a. The Static IP address for the NetProfiler servers are:

For NetProfiler 1.x:
For NetProfiler 2.x:

2) Set up/Station information- Ensure the Organization Alias and Station E-mail address is entered correctly. Do not have Caps Lock active on your keyboard. If the organization alias is not known, contact your organizations NetProfiler administrator for confirmation of the Alias.

3) Set Up/Serial Port- Ensure the following:

a. The selected Com Port is the same as the physical Com Port the instrument is connected to at the back of the PC.

b. The Baud Rate is the correct rate for the selected instrument. This is typically set by connecting the instrument and does not usually need to be adjusted.

c. Parity is set to none.

d. Byte Size is set to 8

e. Stop bits is set to 1


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