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Installing the Thin Film Sample Holder onto a CE7000A

Need to take a transmission measurement of a thin film sample.The thin film sample holder is designed to mount in the
CE7000A transmission compartment. To install it: 

1. Go to the touch pad menu. Make sure that SCI is displayed as the    
    specular component setting.

2. On the touch pad, make sure that LAV is selected as the lens

3. Open the CE7000A transmission compartment. Remove the specular
    light trap by loosening the thumb screw and pulling the device up and

4. There are two angled channels on the base plate: the sphere channel  
    and the lens channel. Place the sample retainer into one of the  
    channels of the base plate. For total transmission measurements,  
    position the sample retainer at the channel close to the sphere.
    For direct transmission measurements, position at the lens channel.

5. Slide the sample retainer forward or backward and up and down to    
    accommodate the size and shape of your sample. Tighten the
    thumbscrews on the sample retainer after you reach the desired
    position. The sample retainer is now installed.

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