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I Am Being Asked "Did you just properly measure the tile"

In the event that a problem has occurred while reading one of the color tiles the following message (below) will appear.


If in fact you have properly measured the tile, proceed by clicking on “Yes.” A Red Traffic Light will appear in the software screen indicating that the measurement failed. Please continue reading the explanation following the image below.


The tile set is measured twice during the profiling process. The first series of measurements occurs with the instrument un-profiled. Depending on the condition of your instrument this first round of measurements may produce red traffic lights and the error message below. The second round of tile measurements occurs with the new profile applied to the measurements. Usually the above errors will have been corrected and will not occur during this second round. This will result in the instrument passing the profiling process and being certified. In the event that the above errors occur during the second round, in excess, the certification may fail. You can elect to continue with the test or “restart the current test” using the Back Arrow Button shown below. Before restarting the test make sure the tile set and instrument have been properly cleaned. To clean your instrument Click Here, and to clean your tile set Click Here. In the event that after insuring both your instrument and tile set have been properly cleaned, you are still experiencing difficulty, complete the full profiling procedure so that information about the profile is uploaded to the NetProfiler server. With this information, X-Rite Customer Service Technical Support will be able to perform advanced diagnostics on this situation.




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