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How to use ColorMunki Smile

Before you calibrate your monitor, you should let it warm up for at least 20 minutes. This will assure that the display is stable.  Even today’s high end displays need some warm up time.

In your box, you’ll find the software and your Colormunki Smile device.  Install the software on your computer and plug the Smile into a USB port on your Mac or PC. ideally, it should be a USB port directly on your computer.

Adjust the brightness level on your monitor so it is comfortable for your eyes. 

If your goal is to achieve an accurate preview of printed photographs, the default settings for your monitor will be too bright. The result of this being prints that appear too dark after using your display to edit your images. An accurate brightness setting will probably appear too dim at first, but you will adjust after a day or two. The following would be suggested:

  1. Adjust brightness level
  2. Profile the display
  3. Print (or have printed) a test image
  4. Compare the print to your monitor
  5. If the print is too dark, reduce the brightness of the display and repeat this process

The room does not need to be darkened when creating the profile, but you do want to assure that no bright lights shine directly on the monitor during the process.  And don’t worry if the monitor is tilted or angled--as long as the Colormunki is flat against the screen, you’re good to go.

Now launch the Colormunki Smile application and this is what you’ll see. 

If for some reason your computer can’t find the Colormunki Smile, you will get an error.—If this happens, make sure the instrument is connected to your computer. It is also best to connect to a USB port on the back of the computer, front ports, and ports on monitors are typically not powered.

To begin calibration, press Start and then hang the Colormunki Smile on your display as shown.  Adjust the counterweight along the cable so the device rests comfortably in the target area on screen and know that it’s OK if you have to tilt back your display so the ColorMukni Smile instrument sits flat on your screen.

Then press begin.

The software will start displaying and measuring color patches on screen.  The progress bar shows you how the process is going.

When complete, you can click the Before and After buttons to compare how your newly calibrated monitor looks.  Congratulations! 

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