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Fluorescent Lamp Replacement Model 301

If a Fluorescent lamp burns out how can it be replaced by user.Fluorescent Lamp Replacement Model 301

1) Remove the screws(4) located in the corners of the light table then lift and remove it.

2) Remove the bad lamp by twisting the lamp 1/2 turn and pulling it out of the sockets.

3) Install the new lamp type F6T5/D into the respective sockets and lock in place by twisting  1/2 turn.  **See Note

4) Secure the light table window back in place with the screws

**On some older 301's due to changes in the Lamp manufacturing industry current lamps will not fit.  Take care not to force and break the holders.  If you have a unit where the lamps don't fit it will need to come in for service.

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