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EZcolor - Error Message When Calibrating Monitor!

Q: When calibrating my monitor I receive the following error message "An error has occurred during the measuring stage. Check and make sure the colorimeter is properly attached to the screen and click begin to try again". This monitor has previously been calibrated without error. What can be the cause?

A: The message you are seeing is usually caused by the failure of successive measurements to pass some basic internal error checking. If this occurs during while measuring the color patches, it usually means that several successive measurements have not shown a consistent decrease in luminance. The software thinks the device is no longer measuring the display, or that the display is not respond normally. The latter could be caused by an older or very dim display that does not perform well. Increasing the brightness may resolve the problem. Alternately this message could indicate that the device is being overloaded by an exceptionally bright display. This would take place while measuring white or very light shades. In this case, you would need to reduce the brightness.

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