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EZcolor Fails to Create Printer Profile

EZcolor relies on a single high-quality scan as input for profile creation.  If a scanner is in poor repair or if some driver setting is creating a color bias, then EZcolor may refuse to go forward.  EZcolor will insist that there is a problem with the scan.  Below are two examples of scans that simply will not work.  If they did, they would create very poor profiles.

These two images were provided by a customer who was unable to create a printer profile.  On evaluation of his TIFF file several issues were immediately obvious.  It was clear that the first scanner had trouble seeing cyan shades.  In the midtones, it rendered cyans with a strong pink hue.  It was also obvious that the scanner lacked sharpness.  A trip to the store for a new scanner resolved this customer's problems and made it possible for him to completely profile his work flow.  Success.

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