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Error Message - "Problems with Grey Scale"

Q: I recently purchased MonacoEZcolor. I am having difficulty building a printer profile. On scanning the IT8, I REPEATEDLY receive the same error message "Problems with Grey Scale". The scanner (HP6200C) is set for 200 dpi, no color correction, no sharpening. The crop marks are aligned. I have moved and reattached the card to the printout. I have manually changed the crop lines in the preview scan. Nothing seems to help. Suggestions please.

A: The error message you are getting is caused by non-uniformity in the tonal response of the scanner. Essentially, the software is seeing that the transition from light to dark on your scanner is not regular or smooth and will therefore not give satisfactory results. Explore different settings in the scanner driver if they are available. Many HP scanner drivers have sliders for Input and Output values and a Midtone or Gamma value. The input and output values should be set to their extremes: 0 and 255 and a gamma around 2.0.

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