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Deleting old data - Master Series software

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The steps below will guide you through the process of removing (deleting) old standard or sample data


1.Select (click on) Database from the Color Master command line
2.Select (click on) Find Standard by Name and then click on find. (This will search the currently selected customer file).

Hint: Select Across Customers to search for all standards.

3.Select the desired standards by highlighting (select all button or ctrl+click for individual selection) and choose the appropriate function (Delete Standards or Delete Samples).


                                                                                     Alternate Method

1.Back-up your database - just in case you make a mistake.  To do a back-up, see Related Support articles.
2.Create and apply a filter for the data you want to KEEP (for example 10/02/02 - 03/25/03). See Related Support to learn how to create a filter.
3.Click on "Database" then click on "Find Standard" and then click on "Search". Do a search for all standards. See Related Support to learn how to create a search.  Click on "All Standards". Click on "Transfer" - make sure you have the filter applied, and transfer out. This will create a file that contains all standards with all the data you want to keep.
4.Do the standard search for all standards again. Click on "All Standards" and then click on "Delete Samples". This will remove every sample in the database.
5.Click on "File" then click on "Transfer In" and point to the file created in step 3. When prompted about standards already existing, do you want to update, click on "No to All".  This will restore the samples that you defined with the filter.

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