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Database Server Will Not Start (5 step fix)

A database recover is automatically performed whenever the Velocis server is not properly shut down (GPF, power failure, etc.).  The error "Database Server Could Not Start" is seen whenever it cannot access the Velocis transaction log file.  This could be the result of a failing hard drive (perhaps bad sectors) or a log file that became corrupt when the system crashed.  Below are listed several actions that may be attempted in the effort to recover the system.  Note that each step is more intrusive - - start at the top and proceed down the list only as required.

  1. Run "Scandisk" and "Defrag" on the hard drive.  Both of these utilities are generally found in "Programs / Accessories / System Tools".

  2. If the problem still exists - delete the log file, "rAAAAAAB.chg" (you may find multiple iterations of this file - rAAAAAAC.chg, rAAAAAAD.chg, and so on - delete all of these files). These files are located in the same folder as the QA2000 or FM2001 or X-RiteColor Master program files.

  3. If problem still exists - delete the "RDM.CHI" file (also in the QA2000 or FM2001 or X-RiteColor Master folder).  The most recent database transactions will be lost.

  4. If problem still exists - delete all "CATALOG.*" files (same directory) and re-install QA2000 (or FM2001 or X-RiteColor Master as applicable).  DO NOT UNINSTALL the application.  This will restore the original Velocis catalog files without affecting the QA2000 database.

  5. Last resort! Delete all "CATALOG.*", all "SYSCAT.*", and all "ADMIN.*" files and re-install the application.  This action will still retain all your databases.


NOTE:  Steps 4 and 5 will require that the user re-enter all database permissions.  Admin password will return to the original "password". All user changes in the XAdmin utility program will be lost.  These configuration settings will need to be re-entered.

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