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Can I Use 3rd-Party IT8.7 Targets with MonacoEZcolor

Q - [1] Can transparency targets other than Kodak's ever be used if they have the appropriate reference files? Is there something special about the Kodak targets? I would prefer using the targets produced by Wolf Faust. [2] Could an EZcolor reference file be built to allow the use of Faust's reflective target in MonacoEZcolor?

A - [1] You can use any transparency target with MonacoEZcolor as long as it and its reference file conforms to the IT8.7/2-1993 standard. Wolf Faust sent us some targets a while ago and they worked just fine. We do not require a binary reference file for transmissive targets. [2] MonacoEZcolor requires that ONLY Monaco IT8 reflective targets be used. Reflective targets from other manufacturers will not function.

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