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Can I Measure Haze With My Spectrophotometer?

Obtaining a true haze measurement requires a haze meter (ASTM D1003). However, it is possible to use a sphere geometry spectrophotometer capable of transmission measurements to obtain an index with good correlation to a haze meter. 

To do this, set up the spectrophotometer (SCI, UVEX, LAV lens and aperture) for transmission measurements to be made by measuring the samples at the sphere and calibrate it for this condition. Generally, this requires a white reflectance standard (Spectralon Plaque) and a black trap (open port measurement). Next, measure the sample at the sphere with the white reflectance standard (Spectralon Plaque), then with the black trap (open port).

Some software applications have a Haze Mode such that once the instrument is set up as above the program will prompt the user for each step of the measurement process. These programs also will have a Haze data option that displays the results on screen.

For more information on the measurement of haze consult ASTM Standard D1003.

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