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Can EZcolor and DCcolor Both Profile Cameras?

Q: I have purchased MonacoEZcolor and MonacoDCcolor for profiling my workflow. As I read the manual for  EZcolor I see that I can create profiles for my digital camera using EZcolor and the supplied IT8 target. What is the difference between profiling the camera using EZcolor or profiling the camera using DCcolor. Did I purchase more software than I needed?

A: MonacoEZcolor can profile digital cameras BUT... The included Monaco IT8 is not a very good camera profiling target largely because of the glossy nature of the surface. This makes lighting it evenly very tricky and unrealistic for most shooting environments. The Macbeth ColorChecker target with 24 patches is a much better choice and works very will with MonacoDCcolor. We recommend it over all other options. It is usually available from photo retailers as it is used by traditional film photographers as well.

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