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Calibration hangs on Patches or Measurement is Very Slow

User is profiling the monitor but the patches seem to get stuck on one certain color patch and never move forward or the measurement process is taking an extra long time.

For users that are having a problem calibrating and/or reading color targets, changing the computer's performance settings could improve speed significantly. Windows XP and Windows Vista can sometimes have memory problems especially with programs like Photoshop running in the background. Additionally, Windows Vista can run in "Aero" mode and that can slow down the PC as well. A typical symptom might be a ColorMunki or i1 instrument taking a very long time (minutes instead of seconds) to calibrate. Reading the monitor profile testchart can take an extremely long time as well. If the user is having a problem completing instrument calibration or target reading, consider the following changes to the computer's performance settings:


Windows Vista and Windows 7:


Windows XP:

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