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301 Read Switch Old Style / Current

301 Read Switch Old Style / New Style
The 301has been in production for many years and has seen several design changes.
An important one is to the read head.  Older units had a red read button on the top
of the read head.  If that switch fails the unit will need to be serviced to get a new
read head assembly.  The current style has a grey  rubber cover on the top.301 Read Switch Old Style / New Style

After updating Customers who are used to an old style read switch (red button) sometimes experience problems when they receive a newer loaner or after they get their updated instrument back from repair. They complain that it doesn’t read or measure consistently.

The current version switch has a grey rubber cap on it. The user needs to press firmly in the "middle" of the cap to hit and activate the switch.  The new switch cap may be stiff for a short time until it is broken in.


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