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Be Prepared to Print for Big Brands with ColorCert

To print for brands and packaging customers you must understand their needs and requirements. X-Rite’s ColorCert workflow solution enables the creation of color specifications and provides a reporting scorecard to remove subjectivity in quality control with a simple score. Color Cert will help you improve color communication, reduce make-ready and back and forth quality negotiations with customers. 

Whether you are a single production site or want be a part of a larger packing supply chain, ColorCert offers real-time quality control and reporting and enables color standardization for packaging. Join our webinar in English to learn more about the ColorCert modules and functionality. 

You Will Learn

  • Which ColorCert module to choose 
  • How to create color specifications and provide a reporting scorecard by applying a score to a job, site, or client based on tolerances.
  • How to exchange data with other software applications and instruments.    
  • How to improve color consistency with PantoneLIVE color specifications

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ColorCert Desktop Tools

Para controle de qualidade em impressão & embalagens

InkFormulation Software Para formulação de tintas de impressão

InkFormulation Software

Para formulação de tintas de impressão

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