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As digital printing continues to grow, many printmakers are moving beyond traditional media to create artwork on substrates like wood, acrylic, textiles, and backlit materials. While the results can be beautiful, achieving exceptional print quality on these materials can be challenging.

Introducing New Tools to Profile Backlit Materials

We are excited to introduce updated i1Profiler 3.3 software, which enables the i1Pro 3 Plus to support automated transmission profiling with i1iO. This solution is ideal to quickly and easily profile backlit materials, including signage and textiles.

You Will Learn:

  • Benefits of transmissive capabilities
  • How to capture a broader sample area
  • How to read backlit materials with transmissive capabilities
  • The impact of instrument aperture size when measuring paper, fabric, and other materials
  • About different materials for backlit, including vinyl, fabric, plastic, and glass

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