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Join us for a free, six-part webinar series where we will discuss how to level up your color game by providing solutions for Visual and Instrumentation QC, Tolerancing, Spot Colors, Process Color Standards, and Process Color.  

Webinar #6: Understanding the Importance of Grey Balance for Process Control

Density and Ink strength have long been the ways to control ink on a press, but the goal is to match L*a*b* values. We will show how this can be done with software tools. You will also learn how grey balance is much more critical than solid ink values, for control color in images. 

During this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • Density vs. L*a*b* control
  • Using Density or Ink Strength adjustments to achieve best L*a*b* matching
  • The importance of using grey balance for CMYK control

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