With unparalleled speed, quality and flexibility, IntelliTrax2 Automated Press-Side Color Control System helps you minimize errors and rework, critical to profitability.

By trading in your legacy instrument, you’ll be able to reduce make-ready time and waste, minimize errors and rework, and increase profitability.

Why Trade-In?

  • Reduce make-ready time and waste by quickly making adjustments.
  • Measure process colors, spot colors, PANTONE® colors, paper color, tone value increase, gray balance and ink density in less than 10 seconds.
  • Ensure support for industry standards, including M1 to accommodate optical brighteners, M3 for measuring wet ink and full support for GRACoL, SWOP 2013, PSO, and FOGRA 51 and 52.
  • Benefit from an end-to-end color workflow by accessing the PantoneLIVE database for accurate spectral target values for corporate and other spot colors and exchange job data with ColorCert: X-Rite Edition for statistical process control.

Promotion Terms:

  • Valid until December 31, 2018
  • Measurement head of qualifying trade-in device needs to be returned

Qualifying Trade-In Devices:

  • X-Rite IntelliTrax
  • X-Rite EasyTrax
  • X-Rite ATS/ATD
  • Techkon SpectroDrive

Eligible Trade-In Credit:

Product Name





USD Asia


IntelliTrax 2 including Software

3 500$

€ 3 000

CHF 3 700

£2 400

5 000

40 000

IntelliTrax2 Hardware Only

2 500$

€ 2 200

CHF 2 700

£1 700

3 500

28 000






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