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X-Rite’s Remote Learning, Support, and Resources

December 15, 2020

COVID-19 has forced many companies to rethink the way they communicate, approve, and produce color. 


For some, that means trying to conduct “business as usual” from a remote location. For others, it means finding ways to manage color without travel. Either way, we know our customers are doing everything they can to sustain business while keeping their employees healthy and safe. 


We want to help. Over the past few months we’ve been adding new resources to our virtual resource library to help you get remote support and learn at your convenience, from the safety of your home or office, without the risk of travel.


X-Rite’s Remote Learning, Support, and Resources  X-Rite Blog


Whether you’re using a spectrophotometer or light booth for the first time, need tips to communicate color digitally or approve color remotely, or are looking for tips to keep production moving as efficiently as possible, here’s how we can help.


Virtual Color, Device, and Software Training

Our virtual learning options span every industry and cover topics like color theory, how to use your device and software, and tips to streamline efficiency.

FOCA Online

We’re most excited about our new Fundamentals of Color and Appearance (FOCA) Online course. Traditionally offered as a seminar, classroom, or on-site course, FOCA Online provides foundational color knowledge, an understanding of color measurement and data, and best practices to improve color control across workflows and supply chains.


FOCA Online features interactive self-paced modules, a detailed course book, printed Munsell activity kit for hands-on learning, and an online discussion board that allows students to interact directly with X-Rite instructors. Learn more.


X-Rite’s Remote Learning, Support, and Resources

Customized Remote Training

If you have a more specific training need, Remote Color Training is an affordable and effective way to get one-on-one guidance. From understanding the basics of color through implementing a high-end color workflow, each session is an individually tailored online learning experience using live video and remote desktop sharing.

During the session, one of our Color Experts will take you through the topics of your choice so you can receive the maximum return from your color technology. Whether your color needs require a one-hour session, a half-day session, or a multi-day series, we are able to tailor the perfect program to help you achieve your color goals. Learn more.

Remote Color Training

You don’t need someone to visit your place of business to receive the personal attention you need. We have various resources on our website, including downloads, short videos, and free product tutorials. 


View our list of free and low-cost tutorials or find custom resources directly from each product page. 

Free Online Learning Resources X-Rite’s Remote Learning, Support, and Resources

In addition to our formal training offerings, we also offer many free learning resources on our website.



Our webinars range from 10-60 minutes each to help you optimize your color measurement hardware and software, improve your technical skills, and learn industry best practices. They range in length from 10 to 60 minutes. Best of all, once a webinar happens we post it for on-demand viewing!


See our full library of upcoming and on-demand webinars. For a more specific list, use the filters on the left to sort by industry and product. This will help you find the most relevant resources on our website.



Just having the right tools isn’t enough. To successfully implement color management, you need to know how to use them, and our easy-to-read whitepapers can help. Each whitepaper is written by a color industry expert to help you understand how to successfully implement color management into your workflow. Start your search here.


Case Studies

Our case studies showcase unique and creative workflows so you can discover how others are managing their color, the feedback they’re receiving from their customers, and the impact to their financial success. Whether it’s a hot tip or a new way of doing business, see what you can learn from companies like yours.



Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel! We are always releasing new color theory, application demo, and how-to videos. We’ve also created playlists for some of our most popular topics.


Keep Up with New Learning Resources

Be sure to follow us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn. We post daily so you can keep up with industry trends, new product releases, and support downloads.


Get in touch if you need help finding the right learning or support resource for your needs.

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