Tired of long and expensive review cycles? Looking for an economical way to gain stakeholder buy-in?

Watch this video to learn how the PANTORA desktop app can help you set clear color and appearance expectations without creating expensive prototypes.

PANTORA connects with X-Rite spectrophotometers to measure physical samples that have appearance characteristics like texture, sparkle, and translucency.

  • For plastics, the Ci7000 series captures reflection color as well as spectral transmission color of translucent materials.
  • For textiles, the MetaVue VS3200 defines color and appearance attributes for leather, laminate, and multi-colored fabrics.
  • For paint and coatings, the MA-T 12 fully characterizes color and special effect and sparkle pigments.

Once you measure your sample, import it into the PANTORA desktop app to:

  • Filter materials by appearance attributes such as color, gloss, and sample type.
  • Apply materials to various geometries to evaluate in a virtual scene.
  • Adjust material components such as gloss and lighting to see how it changes the sample.
  • Export color and material characteristics in AxF format for use in CAD, PLM, and 3D rendering solutions.

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