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We know the complexities of measuring challenging samples.

From our Ci7000 series of Benchtop Spectrophometers that provide Reflectance and Transmission measurements to our Ci60 series of Portable Handheld Spectrophotometers that give the most accurate and precise spectral measurements; our instrumentation is designed to ensure you can accurately measure the colour without resorting to destroying the product or contaminating the instrument.

Join colour expert Colin Wakeford as he takes an in-depth look at how our solutions offer limitless colour measurement possibilities no matter how unusual the sample.


  • What instrument is right for your colour measurement or management needs
  • How to control colour throughout a manufacturing run on tough samples such as cylindrical shapes
  • Best practices on targeting and measuring colour on small shapes
  • How to quickly measure colour found in reflective or transmissive liquids.

Register to attend this free webinar (hosted by OCCA) and discover more about successfully measuring the strangest things.

Productos que se mencionan en este webinar

Meet tight color tolerances; Ci7800 Benchtop Spectrophotometer


Para medidas más precisas

Color iQC Para control de calidad y garantía de calidad

Color iQC

Para control de calidad y garantía de calidad



Para medición espectral en 5 ángulos

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