ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition

End to End Color Workflow Solution

Meeting exact specifier requirements for accurate, consistent color quality can be a challenge. As the range of inks, printing technologies and substrates has expanded, so has the complexity of maintaining color quality in hybrid production environments across various shifts and sites. Printers and packaging converters must ensure that color is right the first time, right every time, in order to retain and gain customers in an increasingly competitive environment.

ColorCert is a modular job-based color workflow solution that enables the creation of color specifications and provides a reporting scorecard that applies a grade or score to a job, site or client based on specified tolerances for real-time monitoring of color performance.

  • Enables color standardization for packaging and removes subjectivity in quality control by providing a simple score.
  • Can be used to link stakeholders in a complex supply chain or within a single production site.
  • With comprehensive reporting capability, provides insight into areas of opportunity to identify, evaluate and correct.
  • Uses job templates for fast press-side job set-up, or imports job data from MIS systems for job creation on the fly.
  • End-to-End Solution for the utmost in color quality.


The ColorCert Life Cycle begins with the specifier who defines the standards. Depending upon the defined process, this data is handed off to the prepress house or other suppliers. The standards are then defined as a job or ColorCert Application ready to go to press. Press-side operations use X-Rite eXact and ColorCert Pressroom to measure and track color consistency during production. Finally, the reporting data is made available through the ColorCert Scorecard and reported back to the specifier for a total solution and closed-loop process.

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