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Gerber Technology to Support AxF, X-Rite’s Appearance Exchange Format

At ideation 2017, X-Rite and Gerber Technology will demonstrate how apparel companies can accelerate the design, creation and merchandising process by simulating photorealistic virtual garment samples.


Promis JSC Reduces Production Mismatches with the PANTONE Certified Printer Process

A 38.7 percent reduction in production mismatches leads to an eight percent improvement in overall productivity.



Color Management Conference

The 2018 Color Management Conference is the event to learn everything there is to know about doing color right. Our top color experts will be presenting key and actionable insights that will help you finally get color right in 2018.


PI Apparel

Visit X-Rite at PI Apparel to see a live demonstration of the Total Appearance Capture (TAC™) ecosystem, an award-winning appearance measurement solution.

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