Security settings are locked or forgot password

What to do if your security settings are locked or you forget your password.

eXact - Security settings are locked or forgot password


“What to do if your security settings are locked or you forget your password”


1. Connect the eXact device to the eXact Manager Software.


2. In the upper left hand section of the software select the ”USER PROFILES” button, then select your Profile. See Example; “My Instrument”.

User-added image

3. Select the “Account” Tab.

User-added image


4. Change your security settings and drag the updated User Profile back to your device. This will overwrite the locked profile.

User-added image

*NOTE: Explanation of Security Settings

High: This user account cannot change any settings. This user can execute jobs and take Measurements. However, they cannot change settings on any tool or edit any other user Account settings.

Low: The current user can only change settings that affect the current user profile. They Will not be able to restore factory defaults, clear the current user profile, change regional settings or create/remove other user profiles.

Off: No security is activated.

Security Password: The instrument uses the same security password across all user Profiles on the instrument. To change this password, use the eXact manager software or go to the Diagnostics menu to change. If security is active for the current user profile, a locked icon appears in the status bar. It is locked because security has not been temporarily disabled by entering in the security password. If security is temporarily disabled by the user (unlocked icon), it can be re-enabled if the user logs back into this user profile (switches back), or re-powers the Instrument.











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