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X-Color QC v2.1.1 Export / Import Q&A

Common questions related to Import/Exporting of data.



Which legacy data files can I import? MIF, XTF, and CXF 2.0 files are all supported.
Which data can I export? CXF 2.0 for all instrument geometries. MIF and XTF‐Files for all Sphere, 0/45, MA68, and for the five traditional angles when using an MA98.
How can I export CXF files? Select the group name of the Data Group which contains standards and samples, press the right mouse button and select export CXF [Version 2.1.1 allows you to export a group with all sub groups]
Can MIF or XTF files with 5 angle data for a MA98 19‐angle standard be exported? Yes
What are CxF files and how can they help me? CxF is a new standard that allowing digital color communication. It is a tool for the supply chain. If you need to send Standards to a customer or supplier you can open a CxF file and copy the required Standards in to it. The file can then be sent to a customer or supplier by any method [for example, email]. The recipient of the file can open it within X‐Color QC, measure Samples, and send the updated file back to you. Once received, the new contents of the file can be easily synchronized with your database. CxF files can also serve as a workspace. You can use CxF if you have colors you need to work and you do not want to include them in your database or if you prefer to work in a more document like environment [like Word or Excel].

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