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X-Color QC v2.1.1 Enterprise Edition Q&A

Explains common questions related to Enterprise Addition.



What does a customer order for an Enterprise Configuration? • One X‐Color QC Server [P/N 1700]
• Multiple X‐Color QC Enterprise Clients [P/N 1710] to cover the required number of seats
What does a customer install for an Enterprise Server?

• The customer installs the desired database (Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Oracle 10g, or MySQL) on the database server (this may or may not be the same server where the X‐Color QC Server application was installed)
• The customer then configures their database by running the appropriate script (on the database server) provided on the X‐Color QC Server installation CD
• The next step is to run the X‐Color QC Server installer (on the application server) from the X‐Color QC Server installation CD
• The X‐Color QC Server is installed on the customer’s server and the following Windows services are automatically created and launched upon completion of the install:

�� X‐Color QC application service
�� X‐Color QC database service

What does a customer install for an Enterprise Client? • The customer runs the X‐Color QC Client installer, found on the X‐Color QC Client installation CD, from their local PC
• A local copy of the client is installed and will be activated as an Enterprise Client
• User Roles, Users, and User Groups are created from an Enterprise Client using the Admin login and are stored in the central database
• The user enters the Host name on the Login dialog to point to the central database

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