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Unable to set LUTs Error With ColorMunki

Customer might have one or more of the following symptoms:
  1. "Unable to set LUTs" error
  2. Another LUT-related error message
  3. Program closes when creating or saving the profile

The “Unable to set LUTs” error when trying to create a monitor profile can be caused by a combination of things.  First, check to see if the computer display’s menu has “DDC” or “DDC/CI” enabled or turned on.  If so, disable it or turn it off in the display’s menu.  Furthermore, we would recommend unchecking “Enable DDC” or “Enable ADC” (Automatic Display Calibration) and not using the video LUTs to adjust brightness by opening the ColorMunki “Preferences” window.  Follow these instructions to turn these functions off:

    1. On a Mac…go to “ColorMunki…” in the menu bar and click on “Preferences”.  On a PC…go to “File” and click on “Preferences”.
    2. Uncheck “Achieve display luminance value using video LUTs” and “Enable ADC” or “Enable DDC Calibration”.
    3. Click “OK” to save these settings and close the “Preferences” window.
    4. Close the ColorMunki program, reboot the computer, and try profiling after the computer has restarted.

There are some PC video cards that do not support LUTs (Look Up Tables).  If the aforementioned settings changes do not allow the profile to be created, consider the web article that includes a small test utility at the following link: 


If the video card does support LUTs (box turns white-gray-white-gray) and the “Unable to set LUTs” error continues to appear when attempting to create and save the profile, consider the appropriate “Additional Information” article at the bottom of this page.

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