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Mass edit standard tolerances

All standards need to be edited/updated to a new tolerance criteria.Go to Database>Find Standard
Click on Search – you should have ALL IN THE STANDARD SEARCH DEFINITIONS box.  Select ALL and SEARCH
This will bring up all of your standards – click on the top one, press the SHIFT key on your keyboard and select the last one – this should highlight all of your standards. (or if you only want to do this for some, you can click on one, the control key on your keyboard and then the other standards you want to select.)
Search results
Click on Edit Standards – you will get a warning about editing standards and to archive them first- you can select YES or NO –
Standard warning
Here is where you can Add or Modify or Delete a Tolerance.  Select the appropriate button for the desired action.
Edit Standards
Here is where you can set the desired tolerance type (be sure to complete all boxes).
Edit tolerance

Next click Ok to save you new tolerance. hen it takes you back to the edit standards screen – in the lower right corner it says Global Defaults you can either Retrieve or Set.  If you press Set, it will set the tolerance you just defined as your global defaults.
set global


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