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CAPSURE Common problems and solutions





Will not turn on


Press and hold the Power button. Charge battery / plug in to USB port.


Instrument not responding


Hold down on/off button 10 seconds to turn off then restart.


Instrument will not switch off


Remove the USB connection. Hold down on/off button 10 seconds to turn off then restart


Too much ambient light detected


Make sure you keep the instrument on the sample until the end of the measurement. Shield the sample to keep light from entering the optics during a measurement on very rough or curved samples. On transparent samples try to prevent light from entering the samples from sides or back. Place sample on a white background.


Instrument requests a "Recalibrate"


Recalibrate the instrument using the Calibrate function in the Settings menu.


"Reference slider not closed!" continually displays after calibrating more than once.


You will need to perform seven calibration procedures in a row. This will set a new reference point and correct the problem.


I can’t hear the voice recording


Increase the volume in the Settings menu. Make sure you hold down the Enter button during recording.


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