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Adding Users to the IntelliTrax Database

User's may be denied access to the IntelliTrax database.  Following are the instructions for adding new users to the database.

When the IntelliTrax software is installed, it assigns the name of the currently logged in user as the administrator of its Microsoft SQL desktop database. For example: If I am logged onto the computer as "ABC" or "Bill Smith" when installing the IntelliTrax software, then I ("ABC") become the administrator - - and only valid user - - of the IntelliTrax data.

Later, if I ("ABC", the I.T. guy) log off and "XYZ" Joe Jones (our lead pressman) logs on, Joe is denied access to the database!


Below are listed the steps necessary to add "XYZ" or Joe or any other user to the accepted database login list.

  1. Close all applications and restart the computer. Log onto the PC with the same user account as was active when installing the IntelliTrax software originally; e.g., "ABC".

  2. Launch the IntelliTrax software.

  3. Click on "Database Admin Tool".

  4. When the tool opens, click on "Scan" to locate all Microsoft SQL resources. Typically the Server Name is listed as (local).

  5. The scan should return an instance named "SQL Server -ATSII". Click on "Connect".

    You will be prompted for a password. The default is no password. Simply click on "Submit"

    If you have changed this, you will need to enter the password that you have assigned.
  6. Click on "Refresh" to scan for available user accounts.

  7. After the list is populated, highlight the user that you would like to add and then click on the "Add ->" button.

  8. Done. You have added a user to the Database Logins list. From this point forward, that individual may access the IntelliTrax data.

You may now "Close" the database admin tool.

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