Coveris and ASDA using ColorCert
PICTURED: Coveris Burnley produces flexible packaging for ASDA partnering with X-Rite Pantone

It is often true that increasing production capacity does not require investment in new presses! By improving operating processes, from the ink room to the press room, non-value-added touches and time can be eliminated and throughput can dramatically increase. Getting to and maintaining great color is a key area where improvements can deliver big benefits. Just ask Coveris Burnley how its partnership with X-Rite helped the company do just that.

UK-based Coveris Burnley used the ColorCert Suite from X-Rite as part of its efforts to intelligently manage its print operation through a true closed loop color management process and improve its already-high quality. Its increased focus on process color has led to improved consistency and repeatability in production. Data captured in ColorCert has been used to help the company redefine and manage its internal processes and SOP’s to support consistent quality output. Clients have responded positively to Coveris’ approach and use of technology to support the control and measurement of print.

Coveris Burnley uses several X-Rite Pantone products in its workflow, including:

  • ColorCert, a suite of solutions developed from the ground up to enable the packaging industry to better manage the complexities of CMYK, Expanded Gamut (fixed color palette), and Spot Color workflows, regardless of the printing process, substrate, or industry standard. Its modular set of tools streamline communications, provide actionable data and enable better utilization of existing people, processes and technologies.
  • X-Rite eXact, an easy to use next generation handheld color measurement solution for understanding, controlling, managing and communicating color across the entire color workflow, avoiding reprints and rework.
  • InkFormulation Software, a fast, accurate, consistent ink formulation solution, taking the substrate into account, saving time in reformulation of existing inks, managing leftover inks and connecting with ColorCert to ensure quality control and statistical process control.

Coveris Burnley also uses X-Rite’s InkFormulation Software and PANTONE digital libraries.

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Para control de calidad en impresión y embalaje


Software de formulación de tinta

Para formular tintas de impresión

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