CAPSUREme Foundation Challenge

Here are some of the challenges beauty consultants often face:

  • Finding a good color match to each individual skin tone is the first challenge.
  • Ensuring the proper selection from an extensive variety of products and color ranges can also be difficult.
  • Testing multiple colors to achieve a visual match takes time and can frustrate both the consultant and the client.
  • Beauty consultants, or clients themselves, can be hampered by insufficient or inappropriate lighting conditions that impair selection process.

The result:

  • Bad Color Match = Unhappy Customer
  • Product Returns = Costly impact on profitability and supply chain inefficiency
  • Loss of Customer Loyalty = Loss of lifetime revenue and potential negative word of mouth

CAPSURE Cosmetic

Challenged No More!

Many cosmetic brands and retailers are already using CAPSURE Cosmetic for a superior in-store experience – millions of clients have already been measured and matched! In seconds, your beauty consultant can identify the exact foundation color to match the client’s skin tone.

This affordable spectrophotometer, customized for the cosmetics industry, is dramatically changing the way beauty consultants use technology to enhance their make-up artistry, and to ensure that clients are both impressed with the service and delighted with the products they purchase.

Happy Customers = Fewer Returns, Less Defection, Positive Word of Mouth

Bringing the Value Home

Now this technology has been adapted for use by on-the-road beauty consultants and even the customer in the comfort of her own home!

CAPSUREme combines smartphone cameras with X-Rite/Pantone technology and your brand’s product database.

CAPSUREme Cell Phone App

This revolutionary solution brings instant precise color matching to your client – remotely!

Whether shopping online, having fun with friends, or are visiting with your beauty consultant in the field, clients can now have the utmost confidence that the product they purchase will be exactly right.

More sales, less returns.

Let’s Not Stop There …

In consultation with X-Rite/Pantone cosmetics experts, brand owners can also identify gaps in their cosmetics color gamut to improve and expand product lines.

CAPSUREme: Exceptional Customer Experience
Simply provide your customers, prospects or remote beauty consultants with branded CAPSUREme target cards. Here’s how it works:

  • Client or beauty consultant downloads app to smartphone from QR code on card
  • Hold the card against face and take a picture with smartphone – averages 3 measurements (forehead, cheek, chin).
  • Select product from color match list and make purchase

Using CAPSUREme with iPhone

It’s as easy as that. And the choice will be exactly right … right the first time, right every time.

Watch clients purchase more – online and in-store – and with greater confidence.

Add TELL A FRIEND for viral effects.

CAPSUREme Components

  • Branded or generic calibration target cards purchased from X-Rite
  • Licensed Software Development Kit (SDK) for use on smartphones (iOS/Android)
  • Integrated with brand’s mobile app solutions
  • Automatic calibration of smartphone camera and correction for ambient lighting conditions

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