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Achieving accurate color on paper using various chemicals, fillers, dyes, pigments, OBAs and other raw materials while balancing customer specifications requires a stable, reliable, and accurate inline color measurement system to deliver closed loop color control from incoming inspection to final QC.

How Inline Color Measurement Can Solve Your Color Problems

Join us and TAPPI for an informative webinar to meet our inline color measurement experts and hear from a paper mill guest speaker. During this session you will learn how X-Rite's industry-leading inline closed loop color control solutions give you the data and automation you need to achieve total color control on your production line(s), improve overall production output and quality, and achieve a quick ROI.

You Will Learn:

  • How to distinguish the difference between offline and inline color measurement solutions
  • How to identify where inline color measurement can be installed on your production line
  • How closed loop color control works
  • The advantages of an X-Rite system 

You will also hear a testimonial from a global paper mill customer.

Watch now to learn how to achieve total color control on your paper production line. 

Productos que se mencionan en este webinar


ColorXGA 45

Para la medición del color del plástico y el papel en línea

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