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Our Virtual Material Service transforms your samples into highly-accurate digital material files for use in virtual design workflows.

Join this free on-demand webinar to learn how X-Rite Pantone Experts can handle the physical material scanning for you. Send us a physical sample and we will measure the color, texture, gloss and other surface appearance characteristics using our TAC7 Scanner, then turn it into an Appearance Exchange Format (AxF) file that fully characterizes the material for use in your 3D or rendering software.


You will learn:

  • The benefits of scanning materials for use in AxF digital appearance files
  • The types of materials X-Rite can scan, including special effect automotive paints, fabrics, and plastics
  • How to get your materials scanned, including guidelines and turnaround times 
  • How to utilize the digitally scanned materials (AxF file) within your 3D or rendering software
  • How our Total Appearance Capture Solution can bring your product designs to life

Attend this webinar to learn how our Virtual Material Service can help you design more efficiently and speed approvals in a remote workflow.

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Servicio de material virtual

Servicio de escaneo del material

TAC7 Scanner


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