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PantoneLIVE is a suite of products, licenses and services enabling secure access to a database of spectrally defined Pantone® and brand spot color standards via a partner ecosystem.

Digital Color Communication Drives Consistency

The purpose of PantoneLIVE is to share accurate and achievable colors across a packaging print supply chain. This results in more color consistent product on-the-shelf. PantoneLIVE provides common color standards, for brands, designers and printers alike, which are achievable on different substrates, printing presses and ink systems.

PantoneLIVE Solutions & Services:

  • PantoneLIVE Portal: Cloud-based portal to manage and deploy packaging color assets across multiple locations or users. Manage access to PantoneLIVE Private Libraries, ColorCert and any other color related assets based on user type, location, brand, workflow stage or other parameters. 
  • PantoneLIVE for Production:  License that enables the access to PantoneLIVE libraries from a PantoneLIVE enabled solution such as editors, proofing, quality control and ink formulation software. 
  • PantoneLIVE for DesignLicense and software bundle that enables Packaging Designers to use up-to-date PantoneLIVE libraries in Adobe Illustrator and visualize how color will look on different package materials and types. 
  • PantoneLIVE Digital Drawdowns: Physical color standards printed digitally to provide a visual reference that sets clear color expectations throughout the supply chain.
  • PantoneLIVE Digital Tolerance Guide: Physical color standard printed digitally to provide a visual LAB reference of tolerance for any given color.
  • PantoneLIVE Color Mapping and Rationalization: Service that analyzes a digital color library and consolidates colors that have variations so small they are effectively the same. The colors are then mapped to standard Pantone® Matching System (PMS) colors and also to PantoneLIVE dependent references.
  • PantoneLIVE Consulting: Consulting service for color projects big and small. These services range in complexity from the expertise of our color scientists to custom color consulting offered by the Pantone Color Institute

Communicate Color Requirements

Communicate accurate brand spot color requirements more effectively, across your entire packaging print supply chain, 24/7, wherever they are being printed.

Define standards digitally and set achievable targets

PantoneLIVE provides a way to define and communicate spot colors digitally. It also takes into account the final production conditions under which a color will be reproduced.

Access to the spectral definition of a color better equips the supply chain to manage variables that occur throughout the process.

Manage the access rights to your brand spot colors

All supply chain members who have a subscription to PantoneLIVE, are provided instant access to the Master and Dependent Pantone® Colors. In addition, brands can manage and distribute brand equity colors using the PantoneLIVE infrastructure to allow access to approved suppliers.

Achieve color consistency at the shelf, regardless of how and where packaging is produced.


Achieve color consistency at the shelf, regardless of how and where packaging is produced.

The ability to source globally without compromising on quality

Brand integrity, color consistency and print quality are more critical than ever. At the same time, brands have the need to globally source their packaging production. PantoneLIVE streamlines and automates the communication of brand color requirements regardless of how, and where the package is to be produced. When a PantoneLIVE color is specified on a printed package, all suppliers produce to the same production standard. ColorCert® closes the communication loop, by providing real-time information from the press run.

Benefit from industry standards

All color data in the PantoneLIVE cloud has been measured taking into consideration the latest ISO measurement modes and conditions, as well as other current industry standards. Spectral information in the PantoneLIVE cloud is in a CxF format, the ISO Committee recently adopted X-Rite’s Color Data Exchange format (CxF), as an industry standard.


The end result? No more surprises and a much more efficient and cost-effective supply chain.

PantoneLIVE Partners

X-Rite Pantone has a number of PantoneLIVE partners who are adding significant value to the ecosystem, and we continue to add more.

PantoneLIVE Preferred Partners


PantoneLIVE Technology Partners

PantoneLIVE INK Partners


PANTONE®, PantoneLIVE and other Pantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Pantone is a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite, Incorporated. Licensed under Sun Chemical Corporation. Sun Chemical’s patented technology enables the communication of a consistent, digital description of the desired appearance of a product. – [U.S. Patent Nos. 7,034,960; 7,202,976; 7,268,918; 7,417,764 and their foreign equivalents]. © Pantone LLC, 2016. All rights reserved.

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Android No
Apple iOS No
Available Disk Space 1GB
Color Spaces CIE L*a*b*, CIE L*C*h*(ab), CIE L*C*h*(uv), CIE XYZ, CIE xyY, CIE, Luv
Compatible Android Devices None
Compatible iOS Devices None
Configuration Options Design, Production, Product & Textile
Databases Cloud
Experience Level Beginner to Advanced
Illuminants A, B, C, D50, D55, D65, D75, F2, F7, F11
Industry Standards CXF/x-4a
Internet Connection Yes, for cloud synchronization
Languages Supported English
Macintosh Yes
Measurement Conditions SCI/SCE, M0
Mobile Device Compatibility No
NetProfiler Support Yes
Observers 2 degree, 10 degree
Optical Drive None
PantoneLIVE Support Yes
Supported Devices eXact, eXact Scan, eXact XP, Ci62, Ci64, Ci64, Ci7x00 family, Intellitrax 2, SP62, SP64, SpectroEye
User Experience Configurable
What's Included? Installation Instructions, Training Videos, Product Support
Windows Yes
Looking for support? Visit this product's support page for comprehensive support information.

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News and Events


Packaging That Sells 2017

At Packaging That Sells 2017, Laurie Pressman, VP of Pantone Color Institute and Cindy Cooperman, Global Director of Brands, will deliver a can’t-miss presentation on using color to enhance your brand recognition and packaging.

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