X-Rite’s Series of Spectrophotometers

X-Rite Spectrophotometers measuring color.

Flexible tools to help you achieve your color.

Spectrophotometers measure reflected or transmitted light across the visible spectrum and create a visual curve that describes a color. This spectral data helps ensure color is consistent across varying substrates and production processes.

X-Rite’s color measurement solutions take into account the new business needs and dynamics of a global supply chain. Our spectrophotometers enable those in the printing, automotive, plastics and paint industries to truly understand, control, manage and communicate color across their entire color network.

  • Achieve color accuracy
  • Avoid rework
  • Accelerate production times
  • Meet customer demands
  • Eliminate wasted materials
  • Streamline process
  • Respond to new trends

Which products are right for you?

Spherical devices for textured surfaces
A sphere spectrophotometer can measure textiles, carpets, wood and plastics, as well as shiny or mirror-like surfaces, including metallic inks, printing over foil, and other highly glossy surfaces. They are versatile because they can measure color without the impact of the substrate’s surface effects, and the measurement results are very close to what the human eye sees. 

Ci7800 Benchtop
Ci7600 Benchtop
Ci6x Handheld

0º/45º (or 45º/0º) instruments for smooth or matte surfaces
A 0º/45º spectrophotometer removes the gloss from the measurement dynamics to capture accurate color values. No instrument “sees” color more like the human eye than the 0º/45º spectrophotometer. 

i1Publish Pro 2
X-Rite eXact™

Multi-Angle spectrophotometers for special effect colors.
A multi-angle instrument is able to measure colors that shift when viewed from different angles, such as specialty coated pigments and paint finishes with special additives like mica, pearlescent materials, and ground-up seashells. X-Rite’s portable multi-angle instruments are used by most automakers and their colorant supply chains around the world. 

MA98 Portable
MA96 Portable

These are just a few of our offerings. Let an X-Rite Color Specialist help you customize the best products for your workflow. Complete this form, and we’ll be in touch.

X-Rite's Series of Spectrophotometers

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