X-Rite Color® MASTER Software (QA I, QA II) to Color iQC Upgrade

Why Upgrade?

On June 1, 2018 X-Rite will stop selling the ColorMaster QA Master (Versions QA I and QA II). As this date approaches, we want to ensure you plan a transition to software that can provide you with continuity and in a way that will minimally disrupt your operations.  We want you to take advantage of the technology advances in color measurement and management while making sure you have software in place that works with the latest hardware and operating systems.

Upgrade to receive on-site training from our color experts that will include:

Color IQC

What’s New in Color iQC

Job-based workflows

  • Multiple color standards can be active within a single job, allowing all colors and data for a project to live together. Multiple jobs can be active at the same time.
  • All data, colors, and settings for a job are bundled together in one simple job file.
  • Equips everyone in your workflow with identical standards.

Simplified color communication and sharing

PantoneLIVE connectivity

  • Improves accuracy of results by referencing digital color standards.
  • Receives specification-reliable standards directly.
  • Works with identical standards across all steps of the workflow.

And much, much more …

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